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3 months ago

Collagen supplements really reduce signs of aging

It would be a miracle if people can just inject, engulf, or, apply any supplement and get shiny-luminous skin. But with the help of collagen supplements, this is possible to some extent. After a collagen test in America, it was reported that majority of women started to feel the difference in their skin within 5 days. Their skin feels softer, plumper, and even helped in their pore problem. So, do collagen supplements really reduce signs of aging? Let’s have a deeper look.

What are collagen supplements?

Collagen supplement is just another way of providing collagen fibres to your body through external sources. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in our body which is considered as the basic blocks of the skin. Because of collagen, our skin appears to be radiant and tight. Skin needs collagen to stay young.

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Do collagen supplements really reduce signs of aging?

Yes, according to research in America it has been found that the women or men taking collagen supplements look much younger than the other person who is not taking collagen supplements. In conclusion, we can state that the year’s collagen supplements really reduce signs of aging in any age group.

What are the benefits of taking collagen supplements?

There were enormous benefits of taking collagen supplements which includes:

  • Improvement in the skin health
  • Reduction of scars and acne
  • Reduction in fine lines & wrinkles
  • Tightening of skin
  • Luminate skin texture

Other benefits include:

  • Improvement of heart health
  • Promoting muscle mass
  • Relief joint pain
  • Healthy nails growth


What do doctors say about collagen supplements?

Well, there was a study from the University of Kiel in Germany and this was a good study. Another prospective randomized trial found a statistically significant improvement in the skin elasticity after four and eight weeks of taking a collagen supplement. People taking a supplement were significantly better after both four and eight weeks. There was another study by the Journal of cosmetic dermatology and this study found that taking collagen supplements increases the hydration and the thickness of the collagen. The bottom line is that a small number of short-term studies show that collagen may help skin health.