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1 year ago

Monochromatic makeup tutorial

Monochromatic makeup looks have been all around us for a very long time and it’s not gonna go anywhere as the trend has been in the Hype for the last year. I am here to help you out with my monochromatic makeup tutorial which will provide you with information about applying monochromatic makeup easily. So, if you don’t want to miss out on those tips that are gonna make you stand out of the crowd, stick with the article till the end of the line.

In simple words, monochromatic makeup means to apply the same tone of makeup on your overall face including cheek eyes and skin tone. To do the monochromatic make-up trend follow the below steps.

pink blushPrepare for skin

The first step involves pre-makeup preparation which involves cleansing and removing the dirt and extra oil from your face.


Apply primer on your face as it prevents the product from damaging your skin.


Pick up your own well I will suggest you go with the pink one as it’s trending now when you pick up the shadow, pick your pink eyeshadow and apply it over your eye. Once you are done with the application, pack the eyeshadow on your lid.

Put on half wing eyeliner

Wings are sexy on the eyes so apply a half wing liner on the eyes and smoke those wings out with the help of shades.

Apply foundation

Applying the foundation of the common step in every makeup process and you have to do it the same way. Gravity year Bond and be ready to blend on your face.

Apply blushes

As we are going to the pink theme then try to apply a pink blush on your cheeks in an even manner. Don’t put too much on because it would not look natural. Use the same shade of pink colour you applied in your eyeshadow. Finish your look with mascara and you are done.