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10 months ago

DIY makeup organizing ideas

Storing your makeup in a fancy way can be expensive but no worries. I have few DIY makeup organizing ideas to help you organize your makeup stuff. Let’s have a look.

  1. Makeup Brush Holder

So, for this first DIY has makeup brush holder ideas. You just need some empty bottles. You can start by removing the labels if there are any and then just use your scissors and cut them into your desired height. Be really careful in this step as it can become a little hard while cutting the bottles then using a hot iron again. Be really careful doing this step just lightly put some pressure on the bottle and it will automatically curve in from the edges and become smooth and rounded which is what we are looking for. This step is like magic. It was so fast and so simple but obviously, you need to be careful if you are handling hot objects. Try to use a transparent bottle for colouring. For the transparent bottle use some glass paint. You can even use normal paint. Also, you can go for a splash effect which is why you needed glass paint. Just use a bubble wrap on top of it to prevent paint from falling and shake it around

  1. Beads Bowl

Now for the second DIY, all you need is a glass bowl and beads. That’s it! Take the glass bowl and fill it with lots and lots of beads. These are so inexpensive and that’s it you can display your favourite foundation and concealer. This idea is so inexpensive, so easy and it looks really classy.

  1. Makeup Jar

This next storage idea is also very simple. You will be using a plastic mason jar which you can find from an online store and these are worth just $2. So basically you just need to take that jar and store lots and lots of cotton balls because I keep using Cotton’s like to remove nail paint makeup. So yeah I think this is just a very cute way to store as well as display your cotton buds in a makeup brush jar.

For this next storage idea, you can use a candle holder again from any online store and this may cost you just $1. Anyways use cotton pads and just put this in the jar so it almost looks like a very soft brush kind of thing. It will look really pretty. These were cool makeup storage ideas.