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1 year ago

Reasons for brittle nails

Brittle nails can be difficult to deal with, especially when they start hurting you. But have you ever thought about what are the reasons behind your brittle nails or are you suffering from some kind of serious disease that is causing the nail brittle? Well, we are here to answer all your queries. Stick with the article and you will find the reasons for brittle nails.

Cause of brittle nails

Either you are suffering from leg nail brittles or brittle fingernails, there are tremendous causes behind this. So, these are the things that can cause brittle nails:

brittle nails

Genetic – the most common reason for weak nails tends to have a genetic issue. If you are suffering from brittle things at a young age then this is gonna be a genetic issue that can’t be fully treated with supplements or medicines.

Nutritional deficiencies – If you are not having a properly balanced diet, then you will suffer from brittleness and to cure this you must improve your diet.

Anemia – brittle nails can also be caused by any Mia and anywhere is such a disorder in which the red blood cells reduce in number from the blood because of certain reasons that include deficiency of iron or white men like B12 and Folic acid.

Worm Infestation – again if you’re having anybody issues related to worms. It means maybe there is a worm in your stomach that is sucking out blood from your intestine then also you can suffer from brittles.

Heavy bleeding during periods can also be a cause of brittle nails. A simple CBC test is done by the doctors to find out the reason behind the brittle nails of a patient.

So if you have been suffering from brittles since childhood then it’s difficult to get rid of them, but if you are having issues in recent years you can get help from a doctor.