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11 months ago

Ways to detangle your hair without destroying it

Tangled hair is often the biggest reason for our hair breakage and often when combing our hair, people do not even notice that 90% of their hair falls due to their frizzy hair, its solution is simple. Once you know the proper way to detangle your hairs, you can avoid 90% hairball. Keep reading the article as I am going to tell you the ways to detangle your hair without destroying it.

Part hair sections

First of all, divide your hair into two parts and after that, you will notice that there is a maximum lump in the hair towards the bottom, then you move your fingers slowly in the bottom part so that the big ghat is open.


Hair spray

After that you can use any kind of detangler spray to remove knots from hair, if you do not want to use it then you can also use normal water. After this, you have to use a thicker, make sure that you do not use thin combs as it will cause hair loss. The hairs might be destroyed badly due to the thin ends of the comb.

After you get rid of tangles in your hair, the hair on both sides with a thick comb, then you can tie your hair using your thin comb.

frizzy hair

Tip – Either you use a hair spray that does not contain harmful ingredients like silica and sulphate which is very bad for your hair or you can use a hair spray that is made at home. To make hair spray, you have to wash and soak any kind of rice in water for a full 48 hours. After that, after filtering the rice water, keep it in a spray bottle and use it while improving your hair. These are the ways to undo a knot in your hair.