Hair Maintain Matching hair color with eye color


9 months ago

Matching hair color with eye color

You must have heard that famous line which says eyes are the window of this and people can look through a person with the expression of their eye. Well, the same goes for the makeup trend. Just by choosing the perfect eye colour, you can shine up your whole makeup look. So matching hair color with eye colour is a great way to achieve perfection on your face.

Blue eyes rock blonde

Yes, blue eyes are amazing and no one can see that night that they’re extremely gorgeous and look hot on people with blonde hairs. Blonde hair and blue eyes together crease a shimmery and popping look which will make you grab everyone’s attention in the crowd.

Green eyes with Cocoa Brown

Green eye colour is even rarer than blue eye colour and that doesn’t suit everyone. You need to be very specific with green eye colour in terms of your makeup and hair colour. Go with the cocoa, or chocolate Brown hair colour if you are wearing green lenses well if you have naturally green eyes congratulations you are special.

Deep brown eyes combo with golden brown hairs

These two colours are more monochromatic with each other and when we separate dark and light shade from each other they make and merge well with the overall look.

eye colour

Grey eyes mix with Jet Black hairs

Again, we have a more of achromatic colour but at least extremely amazing grey eyes appear very charming colour that desert to stand out from the crowd and when heated on that black hairs with the grey eyes the contrast makes them look outstanding no doubt you should go for a darker black colour which is possible for your hair to suit best with great colour.

Hazel eyes with Copper hairs

Hey if you have a Hazel eye colour Bengo you are a lucky one. Wondering why? Well Hazel eyes will go good with any hair colour from black to White these people look stunning and rock out every colour but in my sense the rich copper hair colour.