Hair Maintain Hairdressers guide to cutting your own bangs


5 months ago

Hairdressers guide to cutting your own bangs

Are you one of those who are locked in their house or are you out somewhere and don’t want to go to the dresser but you want your own bangs so stay with me till the end of this article because through this article I am gonna share hairdressers guide to cutting your own bangs.

At the present time, the bank is very trending, whether it is Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, it is going everywhere and it is because it seems so cute.

First of all, we know what material is going to take to build your bangs.

  • Clips – Clips are needed for sectioning
  • Hairdressing scissors – Now professional hairdressers say that you will need hairdressing scissors to cut the hair. You should not use scissors in your home or your hair can get messed up. So, it’s mandatory and carefully follow the guide to cutting your own bangs.
  • Comb – Lastly you will need to have a fine tip thin comb.

That’s it! You are ready to cut bangs at home

Part your hairs

First of all, divide your hair evenly in the middle of two parts, now note that you should not do this from the side because that fashion is very old, according to expert hairdressers.

When you have divided your hair evenly in two parts, then make a triangle by taking the front hair on both sides, after which tie the hair with the help of a clip or rubber band, leaving the hair in front of you. The amount of hair you will allow depends on how big you want your bank to be. The hairdresser generally makes the determination that you keep the hair up to your nose.

build your bangs

Wet your hairs

Now wash all the hairs that you have used to make bangs because water makes it much easier to cut hair after all the songs. If you do not do this, then your hair will keep moving around again and again, due to which Your cutting may be disturbed.

Start cutting

Now start cutting your bangs evenly from below in the X-axis and boom! You will get a beautiful bang at home. So this is a guide to cutting your own bangs.